Monthly Archives: November 2017


What with changeovers with players, net providers, etc etc the blog had been somewhat forgotten. However, I will try to keep it updated it from now on. However, as we have a new ‘official’ site in the making, along with all the core info, I’ll be posting some info on my own personal min’yo journey.

It has been a busy year for our group, with performances in Denmark at the Copenhagen Sakura Festival,  the Japan Matsuri, a gig at Rich Mix to celebrate Tanabata, and most recently a gig in Manchester among others.

We’ve seen our group grow in size amazingly, and we have quite a few new younger members too, which is fantastic. Although they’re very good….I really should start practicing more!

I’ll be posting dates later this week for our upcoming rehearsals, and you can always email us or tweet us.

If you fancy dancing over playing/singing, check out: